Januar now supports operational transactions

Januar now supports operational transactions

Januar is excited to launch the option for customers to also use accounts at Januar as operational accounts. This is yet another key milestone in the journey towards providing critical IBAN infrastructure for crypto businesses to conduct payments and operational transactions through a trustworthy and reliable fiat partner. All while remaining fully compliant.

What are operational transactions?

Simple. Operational transactions are the ones used to support your operational needs.

Adding the option to use your Januar accounts for operational payments means that you can now do even more with your Januar account, such as:

  • Pay rent for your office space and contractors for their work
  • Run payroll and software subscriptions
  • Conduct all types of payments either received or sent

Why is it such a big deal?

Januar has secured a landmark Payment Institution License with the Danish FSA, meaning that in addition to payments Januar can offer customers much more flexibility in how funds are transferred through Januar accounts. This means that as a Januar customer you may now transfer funds into your account with a general expectation that funds are used for a later payment, no longer being restricted to having a specific transaction lined up. Januar is the only licensed Payment Institution in EEA that offers this much flexibility.

Januar co-CEO Simon Ousager: “Access to banking and reliable payment infrastructure has always been lacking behind the general pace of innovation in the crypto space, and the recent events with “crypto-friendly” banks shutting down is a testament to this unfortunate industry trend. With our full payment institution license, we are taking a huge step in the opposite direction. My message to all the entrepreneurs and innovators out there is clear: if you are a legitimate European business working with crypto then Januar is here to provide you with the critical IBAN accounts you need to operate successfully and build the financial system of tomorrow.”

Which countries and currencies are supported?

Januar offers IBAN accounts issued in Germany, Luxembourg and Denmark to clients all across Europe (EEA) on the SEPA and SEPA Instant payment scheme as well as Danish Standardoverførsel. We currently support Euro (EUR), Danish Kroner (DKK) and FX conversion between them with GBP support to be added soon. We offer these services to all crypto- and crypto-related businesses in the EEA.

Reach out to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about Januar operational accounts for your business, please get in touch through our website or email us directly at support@januar.com.

Andreas Keinicke
CMO & Head of Product

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