Institutional crypto custody with Januar Wallet

Januar Wallet allows you to safely store crypto right in your business account. With institutional grade security and MPC technology for safely managing your assets.

Cards and bitcoins
Safely manage crypto

Receive, hold and send crypto from your account

Wallet solution for safe storage of crypto assets built with institutional grade security. Manage your crypto from your business account right next to your fiat.

Segregation of funds

Multiple wallets to segregate funds

Use multiple wallets within our platform to segregate funds based on your requirements and preferences. This allows your business to separate your own funds from those owed to your customers.

Increased security

Withdrawals to 
approved adresses

Your funds is our first priority. We have implemented several security measures - one of them is ‘Approved adresses’. Approved adresses are designated wallets that your account can send cryptocurrency to with a time lockout window.

Access to your payment accounts with Januar API


Easy to use
API Documentation

API integration

Smooth integration with your operations

Multiple payment accounts for different operational purposes. Tailor your setup for optimal cashflow and manage your business finances with full flexibility.

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