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Januar Instant Network offers transfers in seconds, not days, with 24/7 settlement

Januar Instant Network (JIN) is an internal real-time payments network for crypto businesses.

JIN serves a growing demand for fast and cheap settlement of large-ticket transactions between industry leaders.

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Free transfers within the network

With Januar Instant transfers take seconds, not days, and fees are nonexistent.

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Real-time transactions in fiat currencies to counterparties within the network.

Execute transfer of payments 24/7

Forget about cut-off times, opening hours and closed on weekends. It’s 2023 and you have got a business to run.

Connect directly to your partners

We created a single connected network that can handle quick international money transfers directly to anyone.

Januar Instant Network JIN allows users to settle immediately in supported currencies without restrictions.

Always-on settlement infrastructure supporting the 24/7 nature of the crypto industry.

CEO & Co

“Januar is creating an always-on settlement infrastructure that supports the 24/7 nature of the crypto industry. With JIN, we’re offering crypto businesses the ability to make real-time and secure payments”

Simon Ousager, Co-CEO & Founder at Januar

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