Crypto report on origin of funds and risk

Januar Flow enables banks to mitigate money laundering risk when engaging in crypto asset related activities and transactions.

Januar Flow

Januar Flow offers expertise, infrastructure and credibility

Januar is a compliance-first payment institution regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA), founded by and employing some of the world’s most experienced crypto compliance professionals. This expertise allows Januar to understand and handle crypto related payment flows with both nuance, efficiency and credibility.

Januar Flow combines the expertise and the Januar payment infrastructure to give banks the confidence to receive crypto related DKK and EUR flows to and from their customers without having to deal with and risk assess multiple counterparties, such as off-shore crypto exchanges, decentralised finance protocols, NFT platforms and trading firms.

As a Januar Flow partner all your customers’ crypto related fiat flow will be routed through Januar as the only counterparty to each customer’s account at the bank. Detailed reports on origin of funds and risk can then be provided with short notice on a case by case basis, or concurrently at fitting intervals based on the volume and timing of the customer’s flow.


Single DFSA licensed counterparty


World class team of crypto compliance experts


Custom risk reports based on crypto activity


Ad-hoc session with complianceexperts


Digital and quick onboarding of clients


Increased trust & credibility with financial institutions

Crypto related fiat will flow smoothly

Januar Flow combines the expertise and infrastructure through detailed reports to give banks the confidence to receive crypto related flows.

Januar Risk Report

Report elements

  • Flow of funds graph
  • Exposure Chart
  • Counterparty risk analysis
  • Protocol summary
  • 3rd party report validation
  • Asset appreciation/depreciation analysis
  • Address/wallet summary
  • Staking review
  • CDD/KYC review
  • Bespoke reviews (NFT’s, DAOs, DeFi etc)

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