Launching Januar Crypto: The Future of Fiat-Crypto Business Operations


November 29, 2023

The battle against broken fiat flows

For many businesses in the crypto space, one persistent problem has been the tedious process of collecting fiat funds like euro from end customers and converting them into cryptocurrency. This process often involves extra fiat transaction costs, labour, and waiting for time-consuming transfers to arrive at liquidity venues such as crypto-exchanges. But what if this could be a thing of the past?

Introducing: The compliant one-stop fiat to crypto platform the industry needs

Building on our successful fiat account solution that enables businesses to collect and disburse fiat payments with customers, Januar embarks on setting a new standard for fiat-crypto conversions. With our unwavering commitment to streamlining operations and enhancing user experiences, we are now integrating a crypto wallet and conversion solution. The combination of Januar Wallet and Januar Trade will allow businesses to instantly convert between fiat and crypto right on the Januar platform.

The future of fiat-crypto conversion is here

Januar Wallet together with Januar Trade conversions is launching today - available to selected clients. We invite all businesses looking for a simplified, secure, and efficient way to manage their transactions to join us.

Januar Wallet will enable businesses to:

  • Receive, hold, and send the most popular crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ether and USDC
  • Manage crypto with institutional grade security via our simple, intuitive interface
  • Use multiple wallets to segregate funds between business and customers
  • Secure operational safeguarding with limits and control settings

Januar Trade, fully integrated with Januar Wallet, will further enable businesses to:

  • Convert and trade fiat to crypto seamlessly directly from your business account
  • Simplify workflow processes and avoid risk of error
  • Ensure compliance across transactions and trades on a single platform
  • Gain overview of all trade activities in on place

Strong partnerships powering Januar crypto solutions:

For the construction of Januar Wallet and Trade, we are partnering with the most trusted players in the industry.

Fireblocks: The global leader in digital asset security, Fireblocks will empower Januar Wallet with state-of-the-art, MPC institutional grade security to safeguard assets at the highest standard. Fireblocks is the preferred partner by the absolute leading digital asset institutions in the world.

Chainalysis: Known as the global leader in crypto Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions, Chainalysis fortifies Januar Wallet with robust AML-compliance mechanisms. As Januar is founded by former Chainalysists, we could not be prouder to implement Chainalysis KYT (Know-Your-Transaction) to screen transactions on our platform in real-time and protect everyone from suspicious activity and alerting us to potential AML threats.

This integration will ensure a safe, regulatory compliant environment for all your transactions.


With Januar Wallet & Trade, we will be redefining what it means to operate in the crypto space, offering seamless and secure fiat-crypto transactions. The time-consuming, costly processes currently plaguing businesses will soon be a relic of the past. Embrace the future with Januar - where business meets crypto, effortlessly.

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