Fireblocks selected by Januar for Institutional-Grade Wallet and Custody Infrastructure


January 9, 2024

Januar is excited to announce our collaboration with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain. This collaboration has been ongoing for a long time and with the launch of Januar Wallet and Trade, it’s time to share more about who we have been working with all along. With this collaboration, Januar is set to become the one-stop fiat to crypto gateway for European businesses.

The ability for crypto companies to manage their fiat and crypto assets on one platform is a key value proposition for Januar. Collaborating with industry leaders has been a principal strategy from the beginning and Fireblocks is certainly a security pillar for the institutional crypto world. 

We recently announced Januar Wallet and Trade (read more). Today, we aim to share a bit more information on Januar’s crypto partnership strategy and specifically why we chose Fireblocks as the foundation for our wallet infrastructure and much more.

Simon Ousager, Co-CEO of Januar, said, "This collaboration with Fireblocks is a strategic step for Januar. Leveraging Fireblocks' cutting-edge MPC institutional-grade security ensures our customers benefit from the industry's highest wallet infrastructure security standards. By collaborating with Fireblocks, we enable Januar to benefit from the powerful network effects and technical integrations that Fireblocks offers out of the box."

Niklas Reichert, Sales Director at Fireblocks, commented, "Our collaboration with Januar is clearly aligned with our commitment to growing the crypto industry. We have seen the challenges the industry experiences with compliant access to fiat payment infrastructure and are excited to help Januar build the bridge towards crypto."

Januar does not specialise in building wallet infrastructure, nor is Januar specialised in running big data analytics on terabytes of blockchain data. Januar is a company that builds the gateway between fiat and crypto, enabling crypto businesses to make payments and convert fiat to crypto and vice versa. Januar bridges the silos of fiat and crypto, bringing them together in a one-stop platform by building on the shoulders of industry leaders.

Reasons Januar chose Fireblocks:

  1. Security: Fireblocks' MPC institutional-grade security and robust security model offer unparalleled wallet security, aligning with Januar's commitment to provide a secure financial platform for crypto businesses. Fireblocks is the industry leader in wallet infrastructure which Januar and our clients  can rely upon for years to come.
  2. Crypto AML provider integration: Fireblocks enables plug-and-play integration with Chainalysis Know-Your-Transaction (KYT), the industry leader in automated crypto transaction monitoring.
  3. Future-proofing partnerships and integrations: Fireblocks continuously expands its partner network with plug-and-play integrations with industry leaders ranging from institutional staking validators to travel rule compliance solutions.
  4. Network Effects: Utilising the network effects of the Fireblocks Network, Januar can expand its reach and capabilities within the crypto ecosystem, increasingly facilitating secure and efficient transactions across various platforms and services.

This collaboration heralds a new phase for Januar's customers, offering a robust, secure, and comprehensive platform for fiat and crypto payment needs. Januar is now positioned as the quintessential one-stop-shop for crypto businesses, integrating fiat rails with crypto wallet and conversion services.

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