Membrane Finance and Januar team up to pave the way for MiCA compliant financial technology

Membrane Finance and Januar team up to pave the way for MiCA compliant financial technology

We are excited to announce that Membrane Finance, a leading provider of innovative crypto financial solutions, has partnered with Januar, a trusted payment institute, to bring superior payment infrastructure to the forefront of the financial industry.

The two Nordic crypto companies are making strides with their compliance-first approach to bring new and innovative financial products to market.

Membrane Finance is the company behind EUROe, a European euro–backed e-money stablecoin. As a euro–backed stablecoin, each EUROe circulating on the blockchain is backed by at least 1 euro in a bank account somewhere. More specifically, as a European stablecoin, those euros are held in European financial institutions.

Membrane Finance is providing its clients with the latest in financial technology, and partnering with Januar is a key step towards this goal. By working with Januar, Membrane Finance can focus on delivering innovative financial products and services, while Januar handles the complex payment processing infrastructure.

“The ability to transact with regulated and fully backed Euros on public blockchains is in my opinion one of the most interesting aspects of EU crypto regulation and I'm excited that Januar is working with trailblazers like Membrane Finance to bring our traditional money to new technology rails.”, says Simon Ousager, co-CEO at Januar.

“We are happy to be partnering and working closely with the Januar team. Their compliance-first approach and regulation with the notable and trusted Danish FSA means we are confident that a Nordic partnership can show the way forward towards new innovative financial technology and the possibilities it brings.” says Juha Viitala, CEO and Co-founder of Membrane Finance. 

Januar is a leading payment institute that has been providing innovative payment solutions to its crypto clients for years. By partnering with Membrane Finance, Januar expands its reach into the financial industry and continues to deliver reliable and secure payment services to a broader range of clients.

This partnership between Membrane Finance and Januar represents a significant milestone in the future of finance, as it combines the expertise of two leaders to deliver cutting-edge financial technology and services to clients.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have on the financial industry and the opportunities it will create for clients of both Membrane Finance and Januar.

About Membrane Finance 

Founded in 2021 in Finland, Membrane Finance is a financial technology company specialising in the development of financial software and services that seamlessly link traditional financial infrastructure and blockchain-based services. Membrane Finance is the principal architect of EUROe - an EU-regulated, full-reserve euro stablecoin that brings fiat euro liquidity on-chain.

About Januar

Founded in 2021 in Denmark, Januar provides compliant business accounts that connect traditional centralised finance and new decentralised finance. The company serves as a compliant gateway to the digital asset economy for crypto businesses and financial institutions. The team is live in the market with a clear product offering that the market is urging for - a compliant and secure local EU IBAN business account for European crypto companies.

Andreas Keinicke
CMO & Head of Product

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